From tumbleweed to talk of the town!

What is T.O.O.T.

TOOT stands for Tell Others Out There and I’m here to show you 7 steps to sparkling testimonials so you can do TOOT your own horn!

You decide: Done For You testimonials or Do It Yourself ?

You’re a small business that does great work and you want to shout about it!

You’re a coach who enables people to make real change in their lives and you want to do more!

You’re a virtual assistant who brings great value to your clients and you want to add a niche to your offer.

Well, if you achieve amazing results (and you know you do!) but not enough people know about it, it’s time to TOOT! to your offer.

Done For You

  • 177 £
    • I make you either an online survey or carry out 3 follow up interviews;
    • I analyse the data and give you 3 quotes/short testimonials
  • 377 £
    • I make you 1 online survey AND carry out 3 follow up interviews;
    • I analyse the data and give you  3 testimonials + 3 quotes
  • 577 £
    • I make you 2-3 online surveys (before, during, after) AND carry out 5 follow up interviews;
    • analyse the data and give you 5 testimonials + 5 quotes

Do It Yourself

  • Seven steps to sparkling testimonials
  • 17 £
    • 15 minute video introduction to the ‘7 steps to sparkling testimonials’.
    • Free workbook included.
  • Seven steps to sparkling testimonials workshop (online)
  • 117 £
    • How to get people to respond to your questions.
    • How to listen (really listen) to your clients.
    • How to find out about the impact of your work further down the line.
  • SHINE Course
  • The SHINE course is in design.

    • Design great questions to use in online questionnaires or in interviews.
    • Analyse well the data that comes back.
    • Use the data to create attractive testimonials and appealing quotes.

- A HAPPY CLIENT “This workshop is essential for understanding the importance of sparkling testimonials for your business and how to make your testimonials reflect your values and the value you bring to your clients!”

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