What is T.O.O.T.?

TOOT stands for Tell Others Out There and I’m here to show you 7 steps to sparkling testimonials so you can TOOT your own horn!

Would you like hassle-free testimonials?

Do you have to chase clients for reviews/recommendations/ testimonials?

Does the thought of getting testimonials fill you with dread?

Do you enjoy reading reviews on websites and social media?

It takes courage…

Asking for feedback and requesting testimonials can make us feel vulnerable so it takes courage to collect the stories you’d like to read and hear, and that your clients feel happy to give you without feeling like they have another task to do.

…and it takes patience

Sometimes your clients tell you they’re busy and that they will get round to giving you a review when they can, sometimes they don’t respond to your emails or messages.

Then you get busy and forget to follow up or feel awkward asking again.

Perhaps you doubt yourself wondering if the service you provided was not what the client wanted and you tell yourself that’s why they are not providing a review.

You pluck up the courage to ask again (and again?!) but with no joy – your clients are busy and so are you – so you give up.

It’s not your fault!

Your clients need time to reflect on a service, to think about what to say in a review, and then to find the words to write a decent, meaningful testimonial to send you.

- A HAPPY CLIENT “This workshop is essential for understanding the importance of sparkling testimonials for your business and how to make your testimonials reflect your values and the value you bring to your clients!”

I know exactly how you feel

Your clients need time to reflect on a service, to think about what to say in a review, and then to find the words to write a decent, meaningful testimonial to send you.

My clients find it hard to ask the right questions and to decide when to ask and how often to chase clients for reviews.

And then they get disappointed when they get ‘meh’ reviews.

It’s time to get *sparkling* testimonials!

What if clients responded straight away and enthusiastically to your testimonial requests?
Imagine getting testimonials that describe the transformation your service has caused in your client?

Think about how big your smile would be when you read a glowing review…

Let’s do this!

I work with business owners, service providers and professionals who are in the business of making a difference through their work (for example, coaches, therapist, financial advisors, accountants, healers, wellness practitioners, charity leaders/staff/volunteers and VAs) who struggle to find the time to gather testimonials and stories of success from the work they do.

I help them create good, clear questions to ask their clients and to find ways to overcome the barriers of testimonial gathering so they can ask these questions themselves or ask me to gather the data independently, and have a steady flow of sparkling testimonials throughout the year.

What makes TOOT services unique is that I co-create questions with you and use my 20 years’ experience in client listening to gather high quality narrative data.

And because of this, clients have a tailored system for testimonial gathering that enables them to easily receive (a steady flow of) client success stories of the unique transformation that their work has brought about so that they can attract more clients and their business can shine.

I have 3 packages to choose from – see the details below – and book your testimonial gathering call with me to find out more.

T.O.O.T.'s Testimonial Gathering Packages

  • Do it yourself
  • 180 £
    • 7 steps workshop
    • Worksheet
    • 30min call to co-create questions so you can use the questions to gather your *sparkling* testimonials yourself
  • Done with you
  • 280 £
    • 7 steps workshop 
    • 30min call so we can co-create your questions 
    • one written testimonial from me to you 
    • template for you to gather your own testimonials going forward
  • Done for you
  • 480 £
    • 7 steps workshop (2 tickets)
    • 60min call to co-create your questions with you and your VA 
    • 3 written testimonials from me to you 

Gathering testimonials no longer feels overwhelming or complicated. Thanks to Shehnaaz’s workshop I now have a framework and a clear path to capture feedback and testimonials in an effortless way.

In addition to doing Shehnaaz’s workshop, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her ‘Done for you’ service. An incredible experience. The process is easy, seamless, and clear. Shehnaaz’s attention to detail shows up in everything she does. The end result is an incredible resource and clearly shows that she is an expert in her field. Thanks, Shehnnaz!

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